From Humble Beginnings to Tragedy, to Redemption

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Ed’s story is an American story, a young man whose migrant parents settled in Southern California, who knew his destiny as a child was to serve his city as a deputy sheriff. Learning honor and wisdom from his laborer father and loving compassion from his caring mother influenced a young boy into a man of honor. As a teen, he learned he could do police work from a Christ-centered perspective, and what he learned shaped him into a man of God. This is a story of one man who dared to live by honor and by the power of Christ, only to fall into sin and an indulgent lifestyle. Stepping away from the oath of holy living and a beautiful marriage, and entered the depths of depravity and destruction that only the hand of God could restore. Can a man enforce the Book of Man’s laws of justice and live by the Book of God’s law of grace and truth? Ed Roman traveled his own “valley of the shadow of death” to find out.

This is an easy-to-read masterful work eloquently highlighting the importance of choices and priorities in life, especially as a Christian and a Law Enforcement Officer serving the public and in the Nation’s largest jail system while being a light for God in a dark place. Be prepared for a riveting journey with the author that will take you through dark valleys to mountain tops and every place in between. Whether you are contemplating a career in Law Enforcement or have served for many years, readers will get a front-row seat witnessing how Ed Roman and his family displayed their selfless love for those in need while navigating challenges, trials, tribulations, and victories. I wish I had read this book many years ago, as it would have undoubtedly had a positive impact on my life both personally and professionally. So buckle up readers, you are in for a treat!

John Meyer

Retired OCSD Lieutenant – Chief of Police Services for the City of San Juan Capistrano, California
Retired Chief of Police – Irvine Valley College Police Department – Irvine, California

Excerpt, Read the 6th Chapter

The Real Training Day

Norwalk, 1997. Halloween night. I’m on patrol learning the ropes, riding shotgun with my T.O. at the wheel. A call comes in and I’m working the MDT (Mobile Digital Terminal) and a 211-armed robbery in progress at the Wienerschnitzel on Imperial. Four suspects in white sheets. Four ghosts. Perfect for Halloween, a nightmare for us. My T.O. wheels the car around, lights and sirens on, and we roll.

From Humble Beginnings, to Tragedy, to Redemption